Use a lazy spring day to prepare your car for any summer adventures around Temple, TX you have planned. Unexpected repairs can set your schedule back, so it's a good idea to get an inspection for road worthiness, top up the fluids and rotate or change out your current set of tires with plenty of time to spare before you're set to leave.

Vehicle Inspection

Part of a roadworthiness inspection will include vital information about your battery's ability to function under travel rigors. Hot temperatures cause your battery to perform too efficiently, sapping it of its longevity. A quick test of its ability to recharge and inspection for corrosion or lowered electrolyte levels will ensure it's up to the demands of a long trip.

Your mechanic will also catch things like cracked wiper blades and incorrect tire pressure. Your ability to see the road ahead, especially when driving on a sunny afternoon facing the sun, will depend on a clean windshield. Topping up essential fluids like coolant, transmission fluid, oil, window washer, and brake fluid will keep your vehicle performing correctly.

Air Conditioning

You can't enjoy your trip with a broken or weak air conditioning system. Stay cool behind the wheel from the beginning to the end of your trip with an inspection of your air conditioner. This ensures it has proper levels of its coolant and all components are functioning efficiently.


If your vehicle is still sporting a set of winter tires, it's time for a change to a summer set. Winter tires have the wrong tread pattern and chemical composition to maintain grip on the heated asphalt of summer roads. Summer tires provide the correct tread and stability to stay firm when you add friction and broiling summer temperatures to the mix.

At Volvo Cars of Temple, our technicians have the expertise to catch and repair any issues that might cause you trouble on a long journey. Schedule a service appointment and bring your vehicle to us for a thorough inspection of vital systems. We'll get right to work making sure your car is ready for a fun summer.

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