Enjoy a Car-Buying Experience from Home with Accelerate

Have you ever wished that you could streamline the car-buying process so that you could spend less time on site? At Volvo Cars of Temple, we serve Temple, TX, and beyond by offering a speedy, convenient, and highly satisfying alternative, Accelerate. This digital retailing tool allows you to almost 100 percent of the car-buying experience from home with only the final paperwork left to sign.

What Is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a digital retailing tool that makes it possible to complete key aspects of the car-buying experience online. With everything from valuing your trade-in to scheduling a test drive integrated with Accelerate, the intuitive interface will lead you through the car-buying experience. Drivers in the Killeen, TX, area will find that they can save their progress to return at any time and complete the work on at their own pace.

Find out why so many from the Fort Hood, TX, area choose to use Accelerate to speed up their car-buying experience.

Integrated Tools

Accelerate uses four primary tools for a comprehensive approach to the car-buying experience online. These tools save Robinson, TX, drivers time on-site and cut out most of the paperwork from the experience. These four steps include:

Choose Your Vehicle

1. Choose Your Vehicle

The first step is to find the vehicle that suits you best by exploring our inventory. With an impressive selection of new and used vehicles to consider, there's something for everyone. As you look through our inventory, you will find a wide variety of body styles, trim levels, and available features. If you're interested in upscale luxury, we carry the latest Volvo cars and sedans with high-end Scandinavian elegance.

Some of the top, new Volvo models you will find in our new inventory include:

  • XC90
  • S60
  • V90 Cross Country
  • X40
  • XC60

Once you have found the vehicle that suits you best, select it, and begin calculating your payment plan on the vehicle details page.

Shop New Vehicles
Shop Pre-Owned Vehicles

Calculate Your Payments

2. Calculate Your Payments

You can discover your monthly payments and create a finance plan as part of Accelerate. First, choose between finance and lease to choose the financing option that suits your lifestyle and budget best. While there's no right answer, you may find that one matches your needs better.

Next, choose the term of your lease or loan to determine the period of time that you will pay back the lender. After that, you can decide on how much cash down you want to provide. With a larger down payment, you may find that you can lower your monthly payments and the APR.

Finally, choose the credit score range that best reflects your financial history to home in on the right rate. You can change many of these options to fine-tune your monthly payments and determine the best option for you.

Value Your Trade

3. Value Your Trade-in

If you have a trade-in vehicle that you would like to add to your purchase, you can use the integrated Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool. This tool allows you to discover the value of your vehicle through the use of objective data. By providing information about your vehicle and its condition, you can automatically add the value of your trade-in without any haggling involved.

Apply For Credit

4. Apply for Credit

The last tool allows you to discover your loan amount from the comfort of your home. Instead of filling out paperwork and waiting for a response at a dealership, you can provide the needed information and wait to hear back while you are doing other tasks. When you are approved for credit, the amount will be added to your purchase.

Get Started Today

If you're ready for an easier car-buying experience, then consider Accelerate. You can even schedule a test drive before signing the final paperwork. If you have any questions about the process, contact us today!

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